Knights of Columbus

Fr. Andrew Hohman Council 5253

2012-2013 Recruitment Plan


Our Membership Goal: We strive to add One Member Per Mounth this fraternal year, while maintaining all existing members in good standing. 


Parish Festival - Man a booth where we can invite prospective members to learn more about the Knights, and hopefully get 3 new members to sign up.

 First Degree - All applications approved for interested members will take part in the first degree held at

 Second & Third Degree - All first degree members will be contacted and asked to participate in the second and third degree at________________________

 "Welcoming" Committee Contact - The "Welcoming" Committee will contact all new first degree members and welcome them to the next regular meeting on_____________________

 We will obtain a list of new parish members for St. Pius X. We will then mail out information packets and a letter inviting them to the open house and spaghetti dinner coming up.

 Open House - In conjunction with our Spaghetti Dinner fund raiser, we will invite prospective members to learn more about the Knights of Columbus and hopefully get 2 new members to join our council. 

Retention Activities - Our Retention Committee will obtain from our Financial Secretary a list of suspended, behind in due payment, or inactive insurance members. The Committee will then send a personal note inviting them back into the council. A few days after mailing the letters, the committee will follow up with phone calls.